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Andrew Wilczynski is an American wrestler and former member of the United States Air Force, currently signed to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling.
Andrew Wilczynski
Some attributes
First HEIGHT = 6"4
Second WEIGHT = 235LBS
Third HOMETOWN = Green Bay, Wisconsin
Other attributes
Fourth Ring Names = Andrew Wilczynski

CPL Wilczynski

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Wilczynski made his debut alongside his partner, SGT Hardin, as part of the EFW World Championship Tournament, where he defeated Barberino by countout in 20 seconds, the quickest win ever. The following week, CPL faced MARKK in the second round, but lost by disqualification for refusing to acknowledge a rope break. CPL then competed as part of a Zero G battle royal but was the first eliminated. Wilczynski's next match was teaming up with Hardin to face Martin Scarab and Barberino, in a losing effort, after the match, Hardin appeared dissapointed in Wilczynski, possibly hinting a break up of The Army. At Hardcore Hell Hole Wilczynski lost the Weapons Gauntlet for the World Heavyweight Title. Over the next few months, Wilczynski had a fair share of wins and losses. In November, Wilczynski won a 41 man battle royal to become the number one contender for the EFW World Heavyweight Championship. At Cyber Night, Wilczynski defeated Bruiser Bencia to become the new EFW World Heavyweight Champion, however, after the match, SGT Hardin forced Wilczynski to hand over the EFW World Heavyweight championship, which Wilczynski did, and declared Hardin the new world champion. The next night, Wilczynski was declared the official champion and was placed in a 3 way dance to defend his championship against Bruiser Bencia and SGT Hardin. Hardin won the match after forcing Wilczynski to lie down for the pinfall, the next week, it was announced that Wilczynski would face Hardin for the title at F.O.F, however, Hardin said that Wilczynski would never strike him, and Wilczysnki said that he would never harm his friend, however, when Hardin tried to leave the ring, Wilczynski said that even though he won't attack his friend, considering what Hardin has done to Wilczynski since they debuted, they are not friends, before punching Hardin out of the ring, turning face in the process and making the championship match official, also, he announced that he was done being called CPL Wilczynski and changed his name to "Andrew Wilczynski"

At F.O.F. Wilczynski defeated Hardin to become the first ever 2 time EFW World Heavyweight Champion.

Wilczynski kept the title for months before losing it at Hardcore Hell Hole, after winning the weapons gauntlet, he lost the title to Hunter Blakesfield who cashed in his Feast or Fired briefcase.

In WrestlingEdit


Military Toss (Military Press)

Anaconda Vise


Black Hole Slam

Clothesline From Hell

Entrance Themes:

"Strong Army Background Music"

"The Warrior Song" (Unused Yet)

Entrance PictureEdit

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

EFW World Heavyweight Champion (2 Times)