Ashley Marie Brooks is an American Wrestler, currently signed as a Blossom to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling.

Some attributes
First Height = 5"6
Second Weight = 197LBS
Third Hometown = New Orleans, Louisiana
Other attributes

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Ashley made her debut by defeating Kelsey. Her next match was at Ruthless Aggression, where she won an 8 Blossom Gauntlet to become the first ever EFW Blossom Champion. Her next match was 3 weeks later, taking on Tristen Colden in a losing effort. 2 Weeks later, Ashley came to the aid of Jennifer Smith who had gotten into a fight with the debuting Scarlett, after, EFW's co general managers, Henry Michaels and Xander Taurus announced that the following week, Ashley and Jennifer would team up to face Scarlett and Tristen Colden. At Supremacy X, Ashley faced Tristen and Jennifer in a 3 Way Dance and was successful. The following night, Ashley and Jennifer (Now going by the team name, The Country Girls) defeated Tristen and Scarlett when  Scarlett walked out on Colden. The following week, it was announced that Ashley would defend the Blossoms Title at Hardcore Hell Hole against Jennifer in a championship on a pole match.

In WrestlingEdit




Snowflake (Head Scissors into an Arm Throw)

Hells Over (Neckbreaker)

Entrance Themes:

"Amen Hallelujah" by Jess Moskaluke

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Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

EFW Blossom Championship (1 Time)-Current