Dark Hado is a Mexican Wrestler, currently signed to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling.

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Dark Hado made his debut on the second edition of the show, alongside Furious Frye, in a losing effort to Shogun Yanai. Dark Hado and Furious Frye both competed in a battle royal to determine who would compete at Ruthless Aggression for the EFW Zero G Championship but both lost. A few weeks later, Frye faced the Zero G champion, Demonic DJ in a winning effort. Hado made few appearances, but he did make some major appearances, including a Tag Team Championship match at Endurance. In December, Hado qualified for the 12 man Feast or Fired match. At F.O.F, Hado was able to win one of the Briefcases in the Feast or Fired match. When the cases were revealed, Hado was given the pink slip, causing Hado to leave the company.

Hado returned months later under the ring name, Shant, portraying a Chicago Criminal, he said he was Dark Hado and couldn't stay away from the company. Shant had many success in EFW, including becoming the EFW Hardcore Champion, in December of 2015, Shant qualified for the Feast or Fired match again, at the event, he once again recieved a briefcase, when the cases were opened, Shant was given a shot at the EFW World Heavyweight Championship.

In WrestlingEdit


Corkscrew Senton


Flying Head Scissors

Mexican Destroyer (Front Flip Piledriver)

Tag Team Finishers (With Furious Frye):

Viva La EFW (Deep Frye & Corkscrew Senton)

Entrance Music:

"Mexican Music"

Entrance PictureEdit


Championships And Accomplishments Edit

Feast or Fired (Pink Slip) (2014)