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EFW Blossom Championship
EFW Blossom Championship
Some attributes
First Current Champion = Jennfier Smith
Second Date Won = 4/4/14
Third Previous Champion = Ashley Marie Brooks
Other attributes
Fourth Longest Reign = Ashley Marie Brooks (2 Months)

Shortest Reign = N/A

Fifth First Champion = Ashley Marie Brooks
Sixth Most Reigns = All Champions(1)

The EFW Blossom Championship is a championship in Extreme Fanfic Wrestling for the womans division. The inagural champion is Ashley Marie Brooks.


EFW GM, Henry Michaels, created the title for the EFW Blossom Division (Female Wrestlers). At the first Ruthless Aggression event, Ashley Marie Brooks won an 8 Blossom Gauntlet to win the title.

List of Blossom ChampionsEdit

Ashley Marie Brooks N/A 2 Months Ruthless Aggression This was an 8 Blossom Gaunlet Match
Jennifer Smith Ashley Marie Brooks 2 Months Hardcore Hell Hole This was a Championship on a Pole match
Tristen Colden Jennifer Smith 3 Months No Man's Land This was a Steel Cage Match
Scarlett Tristen Colden 1 Month EFW Live
Kelsey Scarlett 1 Month Urban Brawl This was a No DQ Match
Scarlett (2) Kelsey 4 Months Cyber Night This was a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match
Weather Scarlett ??? Supremacy X This was a Falls Count Anywhere Match