World Title
The EFW World Heavyweight Championship is a wrestling championship, used by Extreme Fanfic Wrestling

. The inagural champion was Powerline.

EFW World Heavyweight Championship
The EFW World Heavyweight Championship
Some attributes
First Current Champion = Bruiser Bencia
Second Date Won = 25/5/14
Third Former Champion = Thunder Long
Other attributes
Fourth Longest Reign = Bruiser Bencia(6 Months)

Shortest Reign = CPL Wilczynski (Less than an hour)

Fifth First Champion = Powerline
Sixth Most Reigns = Andrew Wilczynski (2)


The championship was created at the primary title for EFW. The inagural champion decided at Ruthless Aggression in the finals of the EFW World Championship Tournament which was won by Powerline.


Powerline N/A 2 Months Ruthless Aggression Ladder Match against MARKK in the finals of the EFW World Title Tournament
Thunder Long Powerline 1 Month Hardcore Hell Hole This was the 12 Man Weapons Gauntlet
Bruiser Bencia Thunder Long 6 Months Chaos This was the first Dome of Destruction
CPL Wilczynski Bruiser Bencia 1 Day Cyber Night This was a Redneck Brawl
SGT Hardin N/A 1 Month EFW Live Won a Three Way Dance also involving Bruiser Bencia, after forcing Wilczynski to lie down for the 3 count
Andrew Wilczynski (2) SGT Hardin 4 Months F.O.F This made Wilczynski the first 2 time champion
Hunter Blakesfield Wilczynski ??? Hardcore Hell Hole Hunter cashed in his Feast or Fired title shot