Feast or Fired is a match type at EFW F.O.F. 4 briefcases hang from scafoldings at the four corners of the ring. Each one with one of the following contents:

EFW World Heavyweight Championship-Indicating a shot at the EFW World Title

EFW Zero G Championship-Indicating a shot at the Zero G Title

EFW World Tag Team Championships-Indicating a shot at the Tag Titles

A Pink Slip-Meaning the holder is immediately fired.


Year Winners Other Entrants
Event 1

Jack Threlfall- Case Number 4 (Tag Title Shot)

Hannah Layla- Case Number 1 (Zero G Title Shot)

Hunter Blakesfield- Case Number 3 (World Title Shot)

Dark Hado- Case Number 2 (Pink Slip)

Furious Frye

Devil Child

Shogun Yanai

Bruiser Bencia

Thunder Long


Duke Jackson

Demonic DJ

Event 2

Jason Cage- Case Number 4 (Tag Title Shot)

Curtis Extreme- Case Number 1 (World Title Shot)

Steven Edens- Case Number 3 (Zero G Title Shot)

Suplex Salezza- Case Number 2 (Pink Slip)


Devil Child

Tyler DeToya

Hannah Layla

Flare Jack

Duke Jackson

Blake Roberts

Joseph Winters

Event 3

Demonic DJ- Case Number 2 (Pink Slip)

Caeden Farrell- Case Number 4 (Zero G Title Shot)

Tony 2 Times- Case Number 1 (Tag Title Shot)

Andrew Wilczynski- Case Number 3 (World Title Shot)

Jason Cage

Joseph Winters


Flare Jack

Madd Max

EFW Hardcore Champion, Nolan Night

Steven Edens

Devil Child

Title MatchesEdit

Year Case Winner Title Champion Outcome Event Notes
1 Hannah Layla Zero G Joseph Winters Win EFW Live Hannah cashed in while Winters was giving a speech
1 Jack Threlfall World Tag Team The Circus Clowns Lose Ruthless Aggression Picked Thunderbolt as partner. Gave the champs a one month notice
1 Hunter Blakesfield World Heavyweight Andrew Wilczynski Win Hardcore Hell Hole Cashed in after Andrew won the Weapons Gauntlet
2 Curtis Extreme World Heavyweight Hunter Blakesfield Lose F.O.F Cashed in after Hunter retained the world title.
2 Jason Cage World Tag Team The Asian Alliance Win Halo Picked Joseph Winters as partner.
2 Steven Edens Zero G Giant Guppy Lose EFW Live Cashed in after giving the champ one week's notice.


  • Duke was attacked before the match by Tony 2 Times
  • The following night, Jack successfully defended his case against Thunder Long
  • The following night, Hannah Successfully defended the case against MARKK
  • The following night, Hunter Successfully defended the case against The Asian Alliance
  • The following night, Dark Hado successfully defended the case against Demonic DJ
  • Jack won the Feast, Fired or 50 Grand Match but chose to keep his case
  • At Supremacy X, Hunter defended his briefcase and career against Warsman
  • Hado was fired (Kayfabe)
  • In 2015, Edens lost his briefcase to Flare Jack
  • Shant won Feast, Fired or 50 Grand and kept his case
  • Suplex was fired (Legit)