Hunter Blakesfield is an American Wrestler, currently signed to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling.
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Hunter Blakesfield
Some attributes
First Height = 6"1
Second Weight = 247lbs
Third Hometown = New York City
Other attributes

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Hunter made his debut alongside his girlfriend Jennifer Smith on the second edition of EFW, when he defeated Devil Child after Shogun Yanai scared Jennifer, angering Hunter and causing Hunter to protect Jennifer. After the match, EFW GM, Henry Michaels announced that the following week, Hunter would face Shogun Yanai in a Hardcore Match. At Ruthless Aggression, Hunter teamed up with Thunder Long to face Yanai and Devil Child and won in under a minute. The following night, Hunter was announced as an entrant in a 3 Way match to determine the number one contender for the EFW World Heavyweight Championship at Supremacy X because of his undefeated streak. Later that night, Hunter faced Devil Child and Shogun Yanai in a handicap match, when Hunter had Yanai in the Cloverleaf, Devil Child hit Hunter in the back with a chair, disqualifying Yanai and Devil Child. The following week, Hunter competed in a triple threat match against Thunder Long and MARKK, but Hunter suffered an injured ankle when The Asian Alliance interfered and pushed Hunter from the top rope. On the next edition, Hunter was revealed as Hannah Layla's partner to face The Misfits at Supremacy X for the EFW World Tag Team Championships. One week later, Hunter and Hannah teamed up for the first time, defeating The Circus Clowns, in a winning effort. The following week, Hunter defeated the EFW World Heavyweight Champion, Powerline, ending Powerline's undefeated streak and allowing Hunter to add a stipulation to the tag title match. At Supremacy X, Hunter and Hannah faced the Misfits for the tag titles in a hardcore match, in a winning effort, causing Hannah Layla and Hunter Blakesfield to win the EFW World Tag Titles. The following night, Hunter and Hannah successfully defended the tag titles against Joseph Winters and Jason Cage. At Hardcore Hell Hole Hunter and Hannah lost the Tag titles to Winters and Martin Scarab. The following night, they won the titles back. The following week, Hunter represented Bruiser Bencia in the main event, defeating Warsman. At Chaos, Hunter defeated Devil Child in a Tai Pei Deathmatch.

In WrestlingEdit


Eight Second Ride (Spinning Bulldog) (Adopted from James Storm)




Oklahoma Slam

The Big Hunt (Reverse Fireman's Carry Cutter)

Tag Team Finishers (With Hannah Layla)

Hydroshot (Double Knee Jawbreaker (Hunter) & Diving Double Foot Stomp (Hannah) Combo)

Entrance Music:

"Hero (Legion of Doom Remix)" by Skillet

Entrance PicturesEdit


Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

EFW World Tag Team Champion (2 Times (Hannah Layla (2)))

Feast or Fired (World Title Shot) (2014)