TNA04-53 320w
is a wrestler currently signed to  Extreme Fanfic Wrestling.
Some attributes
First Height = 6"0
Second Weight = 208
Third Hometown = Wherever the hell he desires
Other attributes

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

MARKK made his debut with his manager, Kevin Stang, in the opening round of the EFW World Championship Tournament, where he beat Giant Guppy following a reversal of the Cradle Shock and a big boot from Kevin Stang. The following week, MARKK went up against CPL Wilczynski, who got disqualified for refusing to acknowledge a rope break. In the semi finals, MARKK won a triple threat match against Thunderbolt and Powerline, after Jack Threlfall interfered and pushed Thunderbolt off the top rope, causing Thunderbolt's elimination. In the finals at Ruthless Aggression, MARKK fought Powerline in a Ladder match to determine the first EFW World Heavyweight Champion, after Powerline hit MARKK with a Maple Leaf Leap from the top of the ladder, Powerline won the match and the World Title. The following night, MARKK teamed with Jack Threlfall and Thunder Long in a losing effort to Powerline, Thunderbolt and the debuting Joseph Winters. The following week, MARKK won a three way match against Thunder Long and Hunter Blakesfield to become the number one contender for the EFW World Title at Supremacy X. 2 weeks later, MARKK and Jack Threlfall faced Team Electric and won when MARKK pinned Thunderbolt. At Supremacy X, MARKK lost to Powerline, thus failing to become the EFW World Champion. At the Hardcore Hell Hole PPV, MARKK competed in the 12 man Weapons Gauntlet for the EFW World Title, but was unsuccessfull. The following night, MARKK revealed he was taking a break from fighting for the World Title and decided to compete in the Zero G Division, during the event, MARKK lost to the debuting Steven Edens. After an absence from the Chaos PPV, MARKK won a 6 Pack Challenge to become the number one contender for the EFW Zero G Championship at No Man's Land against Joseph Winters. At No Man's Land, MARKK lost the cage match and didn't win the Zero G Championship. The following night, MARKK attacked Thunder Long as Long was complaining to the EFW GM, Xander Taurus, hinting a possible Face turn for MARKK, after attacking Long, MARKK requested a last man standing match against Long at Endurance where if MARKK won, he would be the number one contender for the EFW World Title, which Xander accepted. The following week, MARKK lost a match against the debuting Hyozanru, MARKK's dirty tactics used confirmed that he was remaining a heel. 2 weeks later, MARKK saved Martin Scarab from an attack by Long, confirming his face turn.

In WrestlingEdit


D.O.A / Dead On Arrival (Sunset Flip Powerbomb)

Diving Leg Drop


Yam-Bag Yahtzee (Reverse Chickenwing into double knee to the groin)

Atomic Drop


Kevin Stang

Entrance Music:

"Sell Your Soul" by Hollywood Undead

Entrance PictureEdit