Alex Silva 3
Suplex Salezza
is a Brazilian Wrestler, currently signed to Extreme Fanfic Wrestling.
Suplex Salleza
Some attributes
First Height = 5"9
Second Weight = 222lbs
Third Hometown = Rio De Janero, Brazil
Other attributes

Extreme Fanfic WrestlingEdit

Suplex made his debut to EFW as part of the Zero G Battle Royal, he eliminated 2 people before beingeliminated by the eventual winner, Duke Jackson. Suplex then faced the number one contender for the EFW World Tag Team Championships, Hannah Layla and won after an interference from The Circus Clowns, after the match, The Circus Clowns attacked Suplex after hitting their Big Top move onto Suplex onto concrete, sidelining Salezza with an injury. Suplex returned at Endurance as part of a 20 man Royal Rumble, he entered number 15, but was eliminated by Demonic DJ, 2 weeks later, Suplex made his return to EFW Live as a face, when he challenged Curtis Extreme to a match, however, he lost the match.

In WrestlingEdit


Fisherman Suplex


Various different suplexes

Entrance Music:

"Brazilian Music"

"Blue Tomorrow" by Jeff Hardy

Entrance PictureEdit