Supremacy X
premacy X is the main PPV of Extreme Fanfic Wrestling.


Second Theme-The Pearl by SlyGuitar

Match Match Type Added Stipulations
Jack Threlfall def Thunderbolt No DQ Match If Threlfall lost, he would have been fired
Joseph Winters def Thunder Long 3 Stages of Hell

Round 1: Flag Match (Long)

Round 2: Strap Match (Winters)

Round 3: Last Ride Match (Winters)

Ashley Marie Brooks(c) def Jennifer Smith and Tristen Colden 3 Way Dance EFW Blossom Championship
Randy Newton won the 15 man battle royal to get a Zero G title shot at Hardcore Hell Hole 15 man Battle royal

This match also starred Devil Child, Barberino, Giant Guppy, Furious Frye, Martin Scarab, Shogun Yanai, SGT Hardin, CPL Wilczynski, Dark Hado, Martin Maverick, Donny Chambers, Night Wolf, William Randell and Freddy Dayz

(This was a Dark Match)

Hannah Layla and Hunter Blakesfield def The Misfits(c) Hardcore Match EFW World Tag Team Championship
Demonic DJ(c) def Duke Jackson No Holds Barred EFW Zero G Championship
Powerline(c) def MARKK Normal

EFW World Heavyweight Championship

Kevin Stang was banned from ringside


Second Theme- We Are by Hollywood Undead

Match Match Type Added Stipulations
Hannah Layla (c) def Martin Scarab EFW Zero G Championship
Weather def Scarlett(c) Falls Count Anywhere EFW Blossom Championship
Hunter Blakesfield def Warsman No DQ If Hunter lost, he would have had to retire and Warsman would have gotten his Feast or Fired case
Nolan Night & Steven Edens def The Circus Clowns(c) EFW World Tag Team Championship
Hyozanru def Jason Cage(c) Extreme Rules EFW Hardcore Championship
Andrew Wilczynski(c) def Tony 2 Times Normal EFW World Heavyweight Championship

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